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N.M Joshi Social Study Course

Syllabus Includes

* Social Work of India        

* Methods of Social Work

* Growth & Behavior of person   

* Health & Education of people


Disha Patient Support Center has been functioning for the last several years. DISHA provide Equipment's required for the patients while getting treatment at home e.g. beds, pans, urine pots, walking sticks, crutches, commodes, chairs, back rests, folding walkers, wheelchairs, surgical beds, air beds, etc. are offered for anonymous use at lower rent. 

Sahakari Manoranjan Mandal

In the year 1922, The Social Service League started a cooperative organization called 'Sahakari Manoranjan Mandal' in order to encourage Marathi plays and music of Maharashtrian people. People should spend their free time after work for a good cause and discourage them from going on an addictive diet. Renowned artists like Dattaram, Nanasaheb Phatak, Bal Kolhatkar, Nayana Apte, Kashinath Ghanekar have contributed to the art. 

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