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  • In the year 1924, Social Service League started social service training class for the first time in India. Ex students of this social service training classes established "Disha" Sanstha on April 18, 1998. Various social organizations are run by this organization. The Patient Assistance Center is a project in healthcare projects. Many patients take advantage of this facility. Similarly, there are many medicines left at home. Such medicines are collected through our "Jiwhala Aushadh Pedhi" and those medicines are distributed to all needy patients 

  • DISHA provide Equipment's required for the patients while getting treatment at home e.g. beds, pans, urine pots, walking sticks, crutches, commodes, chairs, back rests, folding walkers, wheelchairs, surgical beds, air beds, etc. are offered for anonymous use at lower rent. 

  • Disha Patient Support Center has been functioning for the last several years.

  • Parel campus has well-known hospitals like Tata Cancer, wadia, KEM. Relatives of patients also come along. Some social organizations of this campus make their living arrangements. Food, rice, pulses, etc. are distributed every week through the 'Shidori' project from "Disha" for such patients and their families. You are requested to contribute to this service.

For more information call 022-24714407 / 9222159366


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