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                                     History of the Social Service League Chinchpokli Center Library



As the key to all ills of the society lay in lack of education and proper training which can lift the masses, the major activity of the league has been in the field of education which had given the highest priority. A library was established as early as in 1917 at Chinchpokli, a predominantly working class area, Night School was established in Parel in 1922 to enable the workers to get education at night. Other activities like Textile Training Center, Gymnasium, Day High School & Jr. College, Baby Sitting were started.


17th February 1917, Pre-Independence era this year marked as “Special event “happened in Mumbai Mill Workers of Textile Industry were poor and illiterate. It was the right time when visionary Late N.M.Joshi, Gangadevdhar and other their Co-Workers thought to set up a mobile library at Parel Poyebhawadi for mill workers and weaker sections of the society, to increase their reading habits. It was the First Activity of institution. This was the 1st and oldest library in Chinchpokli area.


17th February,1911 - Chinchpokli Center Library and Reading Room


This is the first activity of the SSL Which has now completed 103 years. It was established in 1917 with a view to cultivate reading habit amongst labor and weaker sections of society.

In initial set up, it was mobile library; it covered labor areas from Chinchpokli, Parel, Curry Road, Byculla, Lalbaug, Lower Parel, etc. Earlier days library provided books to mill workers and weaker section of the society for free subscription. After receiving a positive response from these members they continued for around 4-5 years due to great response. Trustees decided to construct library at Chinchpokli area, from that day to present day named as a Social Service League Chinchpokli Center Library.Its ‘B’ Grade Aided Marathi Library.


It is having Children section and Reading Room also.  At present we are having a collection of 21000 Books.

In the year 1959 – 1960 – Library Started Children Section.

In the year 1973 – 74 – Library received ‘C’ Grade grant from the Maharashtra Govt.

In the year 1975 – Women Section started

In the year 1976 – The Diwali Magazine Scheme is provided for members, in which the magazine specially prepared for Diwali are made available for the members to read.

-In the year 1979 – 80 – The library got ‘B’ Grade from the Maharashtra Govt. the year 1989-90 the library was awarded with prestigious Baba Saheb Ambedkar Award, Award for the best library.                         

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