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The Social Service League


       The League established in 1911 has completed 108 years of noble service to the working class people of Mumbai on 19th March, 2019.

        The establishment of the League was the culmination of a thought process among intellectuals of those time coming from various strata of society, overwhelmed by extreme poverty and ignorance among the working class people of Mumbai at the beginning of 20th century.

         In the long history of the League, many illustrious people from all walks of life were at the helm of affairs. They made the League great an cosmopolitan. They included among others Late. N. G. Chandavarkar, Late. sarvashre G. K. Deodhar, Sir. Bhalchandra Bhatavadekar, Sir. Henry Pector, Sir. N. M. Joshi, Sir Jamsetjee Jeejibhoy, Sir, Fazalbhoy Currimbhoy, Sir. Hormusji Ardeshir Wadia etc. It was a good fortune of the League that it has all along been in the hands of eminent personalities who guide its affairs. They included Late. Shri. lalubhai Samaldas, Shri. N. M. Joshi, Shri. Thakkar Bappa, Prof. H. T. Parekh, Dr. S. P. Adarkar and Shri. Ravindra Patkar.

         As the key to all the ills of Society lay in lack of education and proper training which can up-lift the masses. The major activity of the League has been in the field of education which was given the highest priority. A library was established as early as in 1971 at Chinchpokli, a predominantly working class area, Night School was established in Parel in 1922 to enable the workers to get education at night. In the same year an industrial School for Women was started at Parel to train women in stitching, sewing, embroidery and craft etc., so that they may earn livehood and supplement their family income. In the same year Damodar Thackersey Moolji Hall was also opened partly as a recreational center for working class and partly to give encouragement to the upcoming artists to bring  out their talents in drama and other fine arts. In 1924, a Textile Training institute ( Know as MGTTI, since, 1953) first of its kind, was started to train workers for the textile industry and had to be closed from 2000. In 1925, the Social Workers Training was started to train voluntary Social Workers. A number of activities were added gradually. While most of activities are in the other parts of the city like Girgaon, Mazgaon, Chinchpokli, Dadar, Vileparle and Ambernath. 

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